How people express their feelings with no reason or notice

December 8, 2010
By dbarbosa BRONZE, Brownsville, Texas
dbarbosa BRONZE, Brownsville, Texas
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Some people sing their hearts out
Others just talk it out with people who don't care
Or they write their feelings down
And the rest express them really rare

Others don't understand
While some let it out with no reason how
And they just sit there trying to understand
While the rest are still thinking "now??"

Some can just write songs by thinking their feelings
Others see how people don't care like they have no one they just continue saying it to them
They try to figure things out but they just keep trying
And the rest are on their way to saying them

How some, others, they and the rest
Don't know how their feelings are being expressed

The author's comments:
My message for my readers is that how sometimes people misunderstand each other and what they are trying to say. And other times people just don't care and you continue telling them and you don't know how you and them will take it when you tell them. And how people express their feelings.

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