We are 2 different

December 13, 2010
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When I tell you that I'm sad you must think it's a joke.
Because the grin across your face says it all.
When I tell you that I want to be alone you must have mistaken my words.
For you never moved, you only looked at me and smiled.
How can I make you understand me, what can I say to get through.
If I say something how can I be sure you are listening.
My pain looks like your pitty.
My sorrow looks like joy.
My blood looks like your rosey red cheeks when you laugh.
I don't want you to laugh when I cry.
And I don't want you to walk away when I'm bleeding.
This may come off as selfish to you but I want you to feel what I feel when I feel it.
If I'm miserable then I want you to feel it to.
If I feel bad, I want you to feel just as bad as me.
But if for some unknown and unsceen reason I and happy for that day and I know you will always be happy mabye, just mabye we can share a day of happiness together.
But dreams are just dreams and I as well as you know that I will never be happy just as well as you will never be sad.
For we are just 2 different.

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