Sonnet 2:Love

December 12, 2010
By kaitlyn4 SILVER, Keller, Texas
kaitlyn4 SILVER, Keller, Texas
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When I hug you, I wish the moment could last:
It's hard to see you leave, the time goes by to fast.
I'm falling in love with you uncontrollably.
I hope one day, that it'll just be you and me; you can be quite lovely.
Staying up late texting, I wish we were actually talking.
Dreaming of us us being together forever, but only dreaming.
You're the Novocain to my pained life.
I had a sharp pain in my chest; like from a knife.
Can you hand me your hand to hold?
I feel like I'm worth something when I'm with you, like gold.
To be kissed in the rain by a guy:
That would be perfect, even if we did have to say bye.
We could be like Juliet and her Romeo, without all the deaths.
Feeling this way about is so natural, like taking in breaths.

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