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November 18, 2010
By SweetNoel BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
SweetNoel BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"-I must play the card I dealt.

Bet you never thought I’d cry
Even though I was the one to let go
Bet you never thought even just a little, I would die.
But I could never let it show.
Thought you would never gasp the concept of love
When I was the one who truly could not hold on
Just like at weddings I released the doves.
I had no chance of my heart receiving a re-spawn.
My heart now stands by,
As it watches this regrettable plot.
With a quicken pace and a sadden sigh
It builds up like a blood clot.
But, I bet you never knew how I truly felt.
But without me saying a word I must play the cards I dealt.

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