When It Rains

November 29, 2010
By Anonymous

when it rains
it pours
and forty days and
forty nights
it rains

when it hurts
it stabs
and cuts open and
it bleeds and
it pains

and it still rains
no dove to
return with an
olive branch,
i am left to drown

no god to
save me from the
rain and the rain
that pulls me under,
beats me down

and so it rains
the ark floating
somewhere on the water
but it floats
not for me

i wasn't chosen
to be saved
and i know why
i wasn't good and
god could see

and the rain stops
and the dove flies away
the good are saved
god paints a rainbow
across the sky

i will never see its
not remembered
i didn't deserve it
and left to die

The author's comments:
This was written in the height of my battle with an eating disorder, feeling like I had done something bad & I was punished for it, & I didn't deserve to eat or survive it. In this poem I use the story of Noah's Ark to explain those feelings.

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