Your hatered

November 15, 2010
By BaritoneGirl SILVER, Inman, South Carolina
BaritoneGirl SILVER, Inman, South Carolina
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Your eyes shine like the moon
When you look at her they shine with love
You are so easy for her to swoon
Sometimes I wish that she would just give you the shove

The way you look at her is the same way you use to look at me
Now when you look at me, all I see is the hate
Your death glare, sent my way, makes me want to flee
I can't believe you are the guy I use to date

Your hatered is more than I can take
It pains me to see you look at me this way
So I slice my wrist so that I know that the pain isn't fake
I just want to drift, drift away

I just lay here till my death
I see you watch as I take my last breath

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