Slanderers of Our Fallen Brothers

October 18, 2010
Cursed is the one who disowns our fallen brothers.
Slanderous lies are all that come from your mouth, you wretched swine.
You have mocked the fallen sons of now sonless mothers.
You have slandered those men who, for your sake, walked the firing line.
They went to Hell and back for our freedom’s sake.
They fought in foreign lands and died an honorable death.
But fools of these great men, you and your kinsmen make.
You disgrace our entire nation with your mere breath.
Your words make the flowers on the soldier’s grave rot.
Your presence brings in the crows and sends the doves away.
You and your fellows make a truly fiendish lot.
May the good Lord rebuke your devilish ways.
Cursed be you above all others.
You blasted fool who scorns our fallen brothers.

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