What's This?

October 8, 2010
By LondynKriis BRONZE, Mayfield Village, Ohio
LondynKriis BRONZE, Mayfield Village, Ohio
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A piece to play in this chilly night air
As silver spiders glide without their weight
Another screech like a cat with no hair
Yet its brother shouts but in love not hate
Rumbling past, they squelch and they squeal
As others tinkle with radiant noise
Cannot believe they get by on two wheels
As though trying to be “one of the boys”
With a swish and a flash, the noise drops dead
Quiet—then noise as they start up again
One crystal clear voice shines high over head
Then stopping only after the end refrain
There are no frights here, as though it may seem
Welcome, my friends, to the orchestra scene!

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