October 6, 2010
By kirstenleeee BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
kirstenleeee BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Love, is stronger than any other addiction.
The first step to recovering's admitting,
and baby, I admit I got a full blown addiction.
For us to be together, you gotta be good for committing.
Love can put a person into rehab,
but it's okay, they want to get their life together.
He honestly didn't even wanna try, but chose to take a stab,
so I'm hoping this could last forever.
Boy, I'm having so many mixed feelings;
and each and every day they seem to multiply,
'cause my love for you has no ceilings.
You should know, it's because you keep me high.
And after all's said and done, I've come to realize,
that i pray your love for me, never dies. <3

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