A Sad Summers Sonnet

September 14, 2010
By DexterAtticus BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
DexterAtticus BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I promise to be me always. And you will love it.
-Dexter "Atticus"

With garden eyes so alive and unfair
to rain in me one thousand seas of tears.
Oh does my hearts beat chase your sun-set hair
upon a beach of burnt deceit and air.

An air too quick to cool but once affection frayed
upon those gentle sands did my lips cheer
though once affections winds did blow astray
did my place on your hearts shore disappear.

So far am I now from that golden pier
that laughter of love that lives in your smile
I cannot breathe not sleep, eat or even hear
without thinking of you all the while.

Like the death of summer and school years start
does my soul mourn for the loss of your heart.

The author's comments:
You decide.

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