The Perfect Place

August 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Far across the ocean,
In the middle of the sea,
There sits a tiny Island.
(It’s waiting there for me)

The sand is white, the air tastes sweet,
(despite the salty sea),
I hear the rushing of the waves
They’re calling out to me

The water is exquisite
It’s the bluest blue I’ve seen
The sun smiles down upon the waves
“Come on, dive in,” they plea.

The water’s cool, but I am warm,
The bottom’s smooth and soft
The blue is dancing everywhere
The sun still climbs aloft

The sparkling coral’s bright with color
There’s a hint of salty taste
It’s absolutely silent here
All flawed things are erased

There is no need to breath down here
So I pass the afternoon
‘Till through the fabric of the water,
I see the shining moon.

I stand upon the sand again,
And instantly I’m dry
I fall asleep on the warm sand
Morning’s drawing nigh

Then when I awake again,
I’m lying on my bed, it seems
For as with most fantastic things
My perfect place was just a dream

The author's comments:
An attempt at rhyme. It might be pretty bad, but it sure makes me smile everytime i read it

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