Light Into Darkness

July 26, 2010
By XxXDattaBayoPoetxXx PLATINUM, Wylie, Texas
XxXDattaBayoPoetxXx PLATINUM, Wylie, Texas
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"The look that he gives her....its not the same as before...does....does this can change people??? & can i experience the same feeling...if only...." ~Tyler Hooser

For awhile i walked a white road,
but the shadows found me again.
the white roses that surrounded me,
turned black with the poison of betrayal...

With my head hung low,
I walk slowly down this dark road.
My heart was whole once again,
but then you shattered it with your own hand...

My wounds healed over long ago,
but they just couldn't show.
You have now left your mark on me,
a scare for everyone to see....

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