God’s reasons

July 11, 2010
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Here I am, in a hospital bed and bored out of my mind.
I’m stuck here for three days.
My eyes look everywhere in a confined
Room, see a teenage girl trying to calculate a complex maze.
She tells me that she was in this hospital because of leukemia.
Her bald head shining in the light,
As she tells me her name, Mia.
“Like that soccer player, Mia Hamm.” she jokes, lighting the night.
“Why are you here?” she asks.
“Just a surgery on the hip.” I answer.
“Allison, you are a lucky duck.” she says through her mask.
“You don’t have this stupid cancer.
“Are you Christian?” she questions me. I nod.
“I think God has reasons for everything. Isn’t it odd?”

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