July 11, 2010
By Allison Benz GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Allison Benz GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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The moon, half full, hangs low in the sky
Amid the stars, glittering like diamonds in the black sheet
Blanketing the earth. The owls in the cacti
Hoot serenely, celebrating the end of the day’s heat.
Crickets chirp, signaling the beginning of the night.
Coyotes howl, forming a serenade of praise.
Moths dance around each other, waltzing to the light.
Antelopes eat sweet grass, look towards the day’s
Horizon in the west. But night is not without a price.
I tear through the mesquite and pounce on the doe
I bite clean through the fur and fat of the neck thrice
To crush her life out of the body, convincing her spirit to go
Towards the sky, float away to be joined with her Maker.
The night then became calm, stretches for acres

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