July 11, 2010
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Free, feral, undomesticated, wild!
I run under the cover of the forest,
My black fur rustled by the breeze, warm and mild
Camouflaged, I dart under the blackest
Shadows. I smell, I hear, I see, I feel a sweet breeze.
Oh, what a great feeling to be untamed!
Astonishing! Fantastic! Awesome to be free!
The feeling, as astounding as it is, will be undimmed!
What a relief and joy to be out of the cage!
The trees bow down to me as I run past them, blissful
And boundless from worry and tension!
Birds sing in joy as I prance by, full
Of pride! I run to the meadow, excited and thrilled
And howled ever so loudly as the full moon shined!

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Shahed said...
Aug. 9, 2010 at 4:17 pm

You seem like you know what you're talking about, which is so imprtnant about any type of writer :) .. God bless! Yay I'm the 1st to comment again ..

Remember check my work  . . . I want to know your oppinion

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