July 4, 2010
By Rachel Bruce SILVER, Tampa, Florida
Rachel Bruce SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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She walks down the path of hope and fear, as the clouds begin to cry.
The thunder cracks but all she hears, is his voice saying good-bye.
her feet are bleeding from the gravel, though she feels no pain.
As she tredges along her travel, longing to see him again.
A kiss, oh that kiss contstantly repeats, over & over in her mind.
Thinking of it makes her heart skip a beat, her destination she is trying to find.
She sees a door, an open door, at the beginning of the end.
she wonders what all her effort was for, now her heart will never mend.
In his arms she wants to stay, but she'll never forgive his attack,
on her heart, for shes strong enough to walk away,
.........but weak enough to look back.

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