July 4, 2010
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an eternity in counting, I shed a tear.
My life i so boring with out you here.
I see only black and white, no color at all.
Without you whats the point of rising after i fall.
Walls after walls i walk and i trudge,
i don't eat, i don't sleep, i don't even budge.
my eyes once reviting brown, now glazed and gray.
my heart has stopped pumping, it just rots and decays.
i once had a reason for following my dreams,
now my heart is unraveling and tearing at the seams.
lips sown shut, i think i've gone mute.
sight has gone blurry, hearings acute.
hard time breathing, lungs filled with soot.
forgetting the place where my soul was once put.
voice comes out creaky, cobwebs in my throat.
your name in my heart over and over i have wrote.
the songs in my heart i decide to belt out.
the tears start rolling down my cheeks as i shout.
the numbness is replaced by fierce energy and sadness,
my once sane mind replaced by madness.
my simple wantings replaced by deep desires,
rearranging my brains circuits and wires.
no longer nothing and emptiness combined,
the explainations once so tightly bound start to unwind.
no longer will i mourn over your lips and your smile,
ill no longer feel sad for i havent seen you in a while.
ill no longer stare at your photo with lust,
a new beginning,rebirth, it all is a must.
what happens, happens with or without you.
ill get rid of the melancholy, and start a new.
ill no longer survive off of chocolate and tissues.
but one thought ill keep, and it reads "i miss you"

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Deiyjuan said...
Jul. 29, 2010 at 5:54 pm
I felt your pain when I read this, and I'm glad you've found a way to get through it. Keep writing :) If you would like please check out some of my poems.
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