My Heart Can't Stop Breaking

June 18, 2010
By fiercewriter2010 SILVER, Lewiston, Maine
fiercewriter2010 SILVER, Lewiston, Maine
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I'm so used to people leaving me
that its kind of stuck in my head
I wanted so much to be free
but I continually cry myself to sleep in bed

Now that I'm stuck in this house
let's work until we forget the memories
I'll clean like a housemaid, or somebody's spouse
Along with it, I play sad meloncony melodies

I miss the way things were as a child
where there was only me and my old friends
Good times only lasted a little while
and now I'm trying to catch my breath again

I must really suck at relationships
if everyone wants to leave so badly
I was never very good under the section of friendships
if only I wern't feeling so sorry

Over and over again I think of what could have been
and how I should've been a better friend

The author's comments:
I have written this piece over the loss of many friendships. I may be playing the "Woe is me" card but this is just how things are. Nobody can really help the way they feel.

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on Jul. 25 2010 at 12:49 pm
bakedbeans PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
People often ask me "why are you so fast?" and my reply was "ask a basketball player why he or she keep making three point shots in a row or ask a football player why is he so good at breaking tackles. its practice!!! common sense idiot!!!" Charles.C

this is good. can you look at my work and tell me what you think about it thanks

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