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June 17, 2010
By hawksoccerguy8 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
hawksoccerguy8 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I've written a long one instead."

A word so easily defined,
The relationship innerly confined.
A group of loving people, connected as one,
A burning love that cannot be undone.

A unity, a bond, together we share,
Humor, love, sadness, for all we care.
In this circle, bound by our mutual compassion,
Sparks our connection filled with passion.

We share our lives together,
For our trust shall not tether.
Nothing can shatter this unbreakable entity,
For they do in fact make up your pedigree.

If ever you may falter or fall,
They’ll pick you up to stand you tall.
Always and forever, they will be there,
To help you through hardship and despair.

To encourage, to love,
They characterize the above.
Never to be turned away,
There for you every day.


The referee mouths his whistle to start,
The teams slowly spread apart,
Screaming and yelling, the fans go wild,
Thrilled to watch their own child.

The players charge onto the field,
Their anxiety remains unconcealed,
Play by play, their nerves loosen up,
Focusing on the prized champion’s cup.

The clock nears its final tick,
Just enough for one last kick,
The player takes a few steps back,
And smashes the ball with a prodigious crack.

The home crowd jumps, filled with glee,
For a welcoming future they foresee,
The goalie’s face immobile with stun,
As the score swells from zero to one.

Anger and discomfort, the losers sense,
As the trophy ceremony has commenced,
The winning team they do commend,
As their painful memories come to an end.


The day grows younger as the sky shines blue,
With the sun beaming above me, I think what to do.
Not a chance of spoil,
As many a cloud recoil.

I strap my trunks around my waist,
And start on my way, filled with haste.
The lake remains silent and calm,
Reminding me of my Psalm.

I am lead to a peaceful place,
Where I can rest in the waters and pace.
The cool blue water soothes my skin,
As the relaxing lake effect does begin.

I thrust my arms and twist my head,
As I swim to the dock not far ahead.
The boat is running and the engine is roaring,
We set out onto the lake exploring.

The board strapped to my feet,
The boat pulls me out, the water spreading around in a fleet.
I bend my knees as the boat gets speed,
I prepare for the wave as I heed.

My knees bent and my hands loose,
I thrust upwards and put my strength to use.
As I am sent soaring over the blue ground,
I twist my hips and rotate around.

I feel at ease as I float through the air,
Nothing can harm me, it wouldn't dare.
As I reconnect with the speeding terrain,

I feel a jerk, a surge of pain.

The boat continues to speed ahead,
Jerking my spine, twisting my head.
I feel the pain shorten, my body goes numb,
It immobilizes me entirely, unable to move a thumb.

As I lay face down, my mind drifted away,
Unconscious, paralyzed, why this day?
Blackness engrosses all around me,
As I lay there in the water, unable to see.

My eyes flicker, I can see light,
The figure of my brother, terrified, in sight.
He's frantic and his eyes tear,
I lay there, enshrouded in fear.

Our destination set for the dock,
The ambulance waiting heavily in stock.
As we arrive, the paramedics lift me out,
Everyone's faces shocked, filled with doubt.

I awoke later in my dismay,
Placed in the ER on this beautiful lake day.
As family and friends start to come in,
My brother tells me the problem within.

Paralysis, from the neck down,
The story only brings a frown.
I laid there, in that hospital bed,
My body heavy and immobile, like one made of lead.

Four weeks time passed,
I was able to stand and walk at last.
The newly granted freedom greeted me well,
A new life awaited me outside this cell.

And now four years later,
I am running and playing soccer even greater.
I don't take this privilege lightly,
Nothing for granted, not even slightly.

All that I have now is thanks to him,
He saved me and brought me out of the dim.
He is my hero, my protector,
I could never ask for a better big-brother.

It all started on a beautiful lake day,
The sky was blue filled with the sun's ray.
I strapped my trunks around my waist,
And started on my way, filled with haste.

(Notification: This poem was written based on a series of events that took place on April 8th, 2005)

The author's comments:
I wrote this article not only for a school paper but to also let my emotions and past experiences spill out on paper. It things like family and friends that make everyone's life keep going, and without them, people are nothing.

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on Jul. 23 2010 at 12:56 am
Lovebug07 PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
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Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. - Arnold Glasow

Wow this is really good. Your really good with words. This really stunned me in a sense, its really amazing. Your very very talented. Maybe you could read some of my work, I would love to get your opinion on it... btw 5 stars :) Keep up the excelent work

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