Just You

June 17, 2010
It was Just You who made my day

Who would tell me the gray skies would go away

Who told me things I never knew

Like there could be secrets with no clue.

It was Just You who told me I could be

Anything and beyond what the sky limits me

To be true to myself if not anybody else

And to believe not of the bad things because people tell tales

It was Just You the ordinary person who did the ectraordinary

The person who did more then what was called to be

The person who saw more then what the eye could see

The person who dreampt wonderful things in their dreams

It was Just You who loved me when it was not a requirement

When my talk was arrogent you became bigger just to humble it

The person who never let me down

The person who could smile but never frown

It was Just You whose finger prints will remain on my heart

The person who would shine when it would be so dark

The person who would attempt to do the impossible

The person who made the impossible so possible that it was remarkable

It was Just You who gave me the encouragement to go on

The person who would say "You either go Hard or just sit there; dont try to go beyond?"

The person who I would talk to without being judged

The person who people could be pushed and poked but not be budged

It was Just You who stablized every right and wrong

The person who would hold me in the everlasting open arms

The person who had not one regret

Even though you are gone you still have not one regret yet

It was Just You who gives me what I need to finish this race strong

The person who is gone but will live forever long

The person who is behind the bars of my heart

Trapped there because you promised not to part

But you love it in that cell

What that cell tells aswell

It is filled with fond memories

Like the songs i wrote of you and my wonderful long lost diaries

It was Just You who whiped the tears from my eyes and said that I would be fine

When god knows i wouldve died if you werent by my side

The person whose last words were so sweet but so true

You are resting in peace when more pain i have to go through

You said "I will not die in vein for I will be with you when you feel pain"

It was Just You crying for me when I got scared for long

When i hid so many things from you, you blamed it all on you when it was me doing wrong

The person who gives but never takes

The person who wasnt a heart breaker because his heart would never break

It was Just You who gave me my first true meaning of love

Now that you are gone, I will remember all of the above

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bluemagnet22 said...
Aug. 5, 2010 at 1:53 pm
Wow I love the twist ending! Your friend has quite the talent!
PoemLoverSara replied...
Aug. 11, 2010 at 2:12 pm
yeah she's super talented!:)
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