Elements of Her

June 6, 2010
Is it her beauty, which I see? Or is her soul what speaks to me?
The thing that makes me want her as mine
The beautiful imperfections or her flawless mistakes I see,
A smell so elegant or her look, simple yet divine
A smile so sweet that melts ones heart
No constant thought sweeter than the one of her
Feeling less than whole when far apart
Everything fades and blends into a dim blur
Unspoken words made clear by a touch or a look
“My everything” plain and true. She’s all I need
It is her beauty I love the least, like the title of a book
Nothing more then what everyone else can see
I look deep within her pages near the seem to find what she holds close
Now I realize, it is everything I can’t describe about her that I love the most

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rshepherd said...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 4:25 pm

this is amazing


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