Red Vines

June 3, 2010
By noah.gentile BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
noah.gentile BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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A red vine, candy sweet for movie night.
We lovers hold the other close and kiss.
A plot unfolds, loud figures clash, exhibit might.
You hold me close, consumed in certain bliss.
A blast to me it sends your face in fear.
My long, thin fingers run through locks of brown.
With words of ease I whisper in your ear.

But that was then: your calls now simmer down.

No longer do we see each other’s face.

My heartbreak, grief, and woe around now spread.

I dwell, remember us in love’s embrace?

Of you I dream at night alone in bed.
With company to share these ropes are best.
To curl and lounge; to laugh and cry; and nest.

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