Why should I ever listen...

June 3, 2010
By Martha Hunsucker BRONZE, Gahanna, Ohio
Martha Hunsucker BRONZE, Gahanna, Ohio
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Why should I ever listen when you speak
Please tell me why and I will leave you be
Your voice is soft like silk and leaves me weak
Oh please, oh please would you be fair with me?
You touch me on the neck I feel the heat
I cannot tell if it is done in play
Your hand upon my cheek, is it deceit?
If so, please leave me for another day
But if I were to fall under your spell
My heart is threat'ning to leap out my throat
Please promise you would always treat me well
I feel so full, I feel I am afloat
I long to feel your lips upon my own
So tell me and my heart to you I'll loan

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