At the Beginning

May 24, 2010
By twinkletoes17 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
twinkletoes17 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

How warm I feel when I see you smile,
Sending the dark clouds of my day away.
Each day I spend with you is worthwhile,
And I wish with all my heart you could stay.

I don’t know what the future could bring,
So I don’t put my heart out easily.
Like the days of winter, I wait for spring;
But I am never growing wearily.

You take away my fears and despair,
Leaving me looking up at the bright sky.
I feel I will never have to beware,
But I don’t know when you’ll say goodbye.

I wish you a very happy ending,
I hope to see you at the beginning.

The author's comments:
At the Beginning is a poem about love within a friendship. It describes the security and appreciation of having a friend who makes your day better, who stands up for you, and who you enjoy spending time with. However, it illustrates the fear of a friend leaving unexpectedly, moving away, or growing apart. I was inspired to write this poem while watching a T.V. show in which the main characters were uncertain if and when their friendship would end. They were in love with each other; however, they did not do anything to bring their relationship to the next level. The man felt he was too dangerous for the girl and he would have to leave one day in order to protect her. My poem is based on her love and security while with him; wishing he would change his mind about their relationship, but knowing in her heart that one day he may no longer be a part of her life. The last stanza illustrates a feeling of content, saying “I wish you a very happy ending, I hope to see you at the beginning”—she wishes him a happy life; she just wishes she can be in it. I want people to relate a moment in their life to this poem. I want them to feel hopeful, warm, and inspired. I want them to find a deeper meaning for themselves in this poem that I didn’t even mean to write. I want them to see the symbolism of the changing of the weather to the changing of feelings; more or less inspire them to see the seasons of love.

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