Modern Child

April 24, 2010
By , Woodbridge, CT
Modern Child
Why did you cry?
Modern Child
Where will you die?

Modern Child
You left so quickly
No one seemed to know
Quite where you would go

Modern Child
Please don’t be hurt
I now love you more
It’s my heart you tore

Modern Child
When I go to sleep
I see your sweet face
But it’s like a maze

Modern Child
It’s so full of pain
And wanting so bad
It’s driving me mad

Modern Child
Why did you leave?
You left me here to rot
Stuck like a tight knot

Modern Child
I’m tangled up in feeling
I miss your touch on my arm
I promise to do you no harm

Modern Child
My lips still tingle
My stomach still flames
When I hear your name

Modern Child
Where did you go?
Don’t you know
I love you so

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