April 29, 2010
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Friendship is like a bright star in the sky that no matter
how much you try to avoid it, it's always going to be there
bighting up your life. Friends come and go but the real friends
that really care about you are those that stay forever. They
stay in the best and worst, in the sick and healthy, in present
and future. Friendship is doing crazy things together, being by
each others side no matter what. Always being honest and respectful
to each other. If you have a friend like that then you have all
you could ask for. In order to achieve a friend you first have to be
a friend. By giving all your support and care to those you call friends
isn't just enough. Friendship is a new beginning to a life full of excitement and new adventures. And what better thing then to share
them with the people you love the most your friends. If your doing
something alone it's not as fun as doing it with a friend. That's
why i always thank my best friend for being her and being there for me.

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