April 26, 2010
A: Time and time again we have all been done wrong

B: Eventually all the right things will come in due time

A: Just like you, you are all the right things,and I have searched for you for so long.

B: Now that I have found you,I do not want to let you go and i am ecstatic to say you are mine.

C: You teach me to stand tall and strong like the mighty oak tree,i hope all the lonely people can find someone as lovely as you,so they can stand tall and strong like the mighty oak tree just like me.

D: When I am around you I am happy and I am at my best. I could not and will not ask for any other girl,because only you have been running through my head.

c: They say one mans trash is another mans treasure but to me i would say you are the most precious thing i could ever have.Your voice is so divine and when you sing to me i am at peace.Have my hear,here is the key.

D: It was decided you would take care of me and I will take care of you,at any time of day.Forgive me,I am sorry to brag but my girl is so lovely,we will sleep and dream here on this bed.

E: But at one time you were taken away,we were so melancholy and how ironic that it rained for days.

F: The hours dragged on for so long. I missed you for reasons unexplained and with the thoughts you would never speak to me or see me made me fall into a morose state of mind.

E: Hope filled my heart. I would hope I would get to see you again and talk to you again.Tell me darling,did you feel the same way?

F: As sadness filled me,there was always faith in love. As I thought of you wherever you are I would hope our paths would cross,so we can walk the road together and be intertwined.

G: Now the past is left behind like it should be.All I clearly see is you and I holding hands walking the road side by side.

G: Forgive me, I am sorry to brag but my girl is so lovely,ravishing,and caring. She is there if I need her, I am there if she needs me and I always will be. She is simply lovely,and I have nothing to hide.

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