My view of perspective

April 26, 2010
By , khartoum, FL
its okay to cry Its okay to be sad or mad but I’ll always be by your side To guide you through the darkness of the night I’ll be your light, I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be the ray of sunshine on a rainy day I’ll protect you that I dare say I’ll love and cherish you every single day
For I have never known love till today, for I have been a stranger to it since yesterday
Till I meet you I was okay
And now am better because of your existenss
I became whole, you were able to tare down the walls
For I have been so cold, I never thought my heart could love
For I was heartless till you were enough
For I shall stand in this rain
For I shall let it wash away the pain
For I shall find my way to a better day
My view of perspective have now changed
To a brighter one with no mistakes
For I shall forget the past and live today
This life is too short to throw it away
My eyes never cried a single tear not fake
But when I think of you I find them running on my cheeks
Like a flouting stream of crul; crul pain
I can’t do anything you drove me insane
All I want to do is be with you
This I find very strange, I rather die then take a breath without you, For my life revolves around you
You’re the air that I breath, I’m filled with disbelieve
Ironic isn’t it this life we live, I feel like falling right of a cliff
All I want to do is dream of you then drift
Always I have been told, about an amazing feeling we are spouse to live, I thought they were lies, I looked them in the eye and said its all bulls***, for now I’m awake, feel like I’m alive just one smile from you, makes me survive, for one touch of you, make's me relize how lucky i'm to have you in my life, for just a thought of you makes my heart beats so fast, for the love of you makes me who I’m
I speak my words rather fine, its 2 am now, I’m not lying
I couldn’t sleep because you kept me awake, I just want to hear you
say i love and everything is going to be okay,i wrote all these word's but i still seek, and you’re the angel that my words speak, to me your perfect, our love is allw e need.

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