An Ode to Johnny Depp

May 6, 2010
By , Omaha, NE
My heart is filled with love for Johnny Depp.
He looks at fans with penetrating eyes.
His voice is sweeter than a sugared crepe.
He is certainly a Greek god in disguise!

His eyes are like a pool of hot ...(tharr be more)cocoa,
Chocolatey eyes smile happily with warmth.
His intense stare makes the girls go loco,
This is when the lines of fans start to form.

And when he smiles, pearly whites do appear,
Glistening brightly so that all may see.
He looks good in every costume he wears,
Sweeney Todd or a pirate at sea.
Johnny Depp is an amazing actor,
His good looks are certainly a factor!

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