-Make sure your feet are on the ground when your head in the clouds.-

April 25, 2010
She sits in the middle of four glass walls against each side, seeing the things outside as a flashback, the things she had laid aside. Reaching her hand out, wanting to have feeling come, but being numb all throughout. As her eyes switch back and forth back and forth back and forth inside of her head, everything moving to fast, she only sees how she was mislead. She can only focus on one thing that not disapearing and reapearing right ahead, her hands spred apart to see every finger, just wear she started to bled. Head is pounding like her heart in her chest, it hurts so bad, it's nothing she can digest. She wants to turn off the lights, but knows that it can't end, as she feels her heart and her head reunites. These glass wall are to thick for sound, she screams as much as she can, much to so her head starts to pound. She thinks she can break the glass, running full on, wanting to be on that green grass. Nothing happens not even a blink from the other side, out there the feeling of invisable, she needs someone to confide. Sprawled out across the floor, weeping in her own hands, there just all decor. Seeing out past the hard glass she can't hear what they say, only read there lips, there it goes again her body starts to sway. She slids back down where her guitar has appeared, as her fingers hit the strings, everything seemed to just disappear.....

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