Crisis Core Friendship

April 13, 2010
By Sharhel BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Sharhel BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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One was named Cloud and the other named Zack
Both of them became friends on a cold day
They would always defend the other’s back
Both hoped that it will always stay this way
It was hard to always stay together
One was a SOLDIER, the other a grunt
But managed to remain friends forever
Cloud was quiet, while Zack was loud and blunt
Suddenly, they both became fugitives
Cloud was torn apart by Zack’s slow, strong, death
Zack was dying, yet he stayed positive
He said farewell and took in his last breath
The friendship was strong, they were like brothers
The bond was so great, there was no other

The author's comments:
I am a really big fan of the Final Fantasy series and when I was playing Crisis Core I got so inspired by the friendship between Cloud Strife and Zack Fair. Ever since then, whenever I have a poetry assignment, I would always write about their friendship. So this is just one of my many poems based on their special bond.

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