curse of love

April 13, 2010
I sit alone.
Observing the people passing by, analyzing them are they alone? Or with friends, and their posture
But what really catches my eye
Is her
She has a beauty about her that raves all the other unbalanced aspects about her
Her eyes are screaming out to me caution I hate you, and destroy you
But I am curious
She walks alone with her head hung low
Ignores any chance to be at peace with her surrounding
Uneasy to glance up scared to show the hate and pain in her face
She is very new to me but it seems she’s taking over every sense of structure
She has became constant
Always running to hide from being seen by any others
People may say she is quiet or a freak not meant to fit in
But all it is that she has lost her hope for life
All because the thirst for love has taking over
Jumped in head first for a conflagration passion for his love
She let him in with caution
But her guard quickly dropped when he looked her in the eyes and said
I love you and always will
She was no longer worried of being alone forever
Happy to be in someone’s arms who actually loved her
It brought comfort and love into her shattered soul
He was her everything and he was different
So she used to think
Time smoothly glides by
His claimed love heals her pass wounds
She reached her version of nirvana
A trust beyond human’s capability
His hand was caressed around her heart
Then with no spoken warning her ripped it out and tore it to pieces
Then handed it back to her
He left her heart broken and alone
The tears often came but could not compare to the pain
So now she walks around where a thing called a heart used to rest
She new the pain was to come but she was not ready for it nor wanted it
Her life trembles to nothing in a flash
What scares her most is for the first time she actually cared
Knowing no way to cure this
She builds walls around her heart
To shield anyone’s chance to corrupt the corrupted
The pain fades as months past
Then able to stand the look of his face
She sees him and the new victim so naïve she will not see hurting coming her way
The curse of love is eradicating to us all

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Kalicat said...
May 6, 2011 at 8:35 am
wow.... i really like this, oddly enough. I say its odd only because it seems like you've captured a piece of my life, and its a painful time, but you put it really beautifully.... a few misspellings, but really good!
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