April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

For some it's very hard to just let go,
but for me this is the only way I know.
I can't face you, your judgement means everything to me,
but for now when I'm gone maybe you'll finally see.
The life your living is killing you more and more it seems.
Pretty soon all that'll be left is your few hopeless dreams.
It may seem sad, but it's very true,
your dying inside and im dying with you.
You have no way of knowing how I feel,
just everything about you now doesn't seem real.
Because the life your living is killing both you and me.
As well as anything we'd ever hope to be.
And i know the road ahead won't be an easy one,
but i also know that your recovery just has to be done.

The author's comments:
My friend has anorexia and for the past year I've been trying to be there for her and help her out. But, before she can get help she needs to help herself first.

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