I Won't See You Tonight

March 22, 2010
By 8ballsix27Alan BRONZE, Long Beach, California
8ballsix27Alan BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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How can you not see I have failed you, love?
Our love has faded distant and slowly,
The gods have distant us from heavens above
I cannot see how you were not for me

The days went on and on with no response
I yearn to hear you voice only once more
I have waited for many, long months
No, but your boat does not appear ashore

Yes, week after week, day after day,
I found you less and less beautiful
I used to call you, ‘as bright as summer’s day’
But now, to my eyes, you seem very dull

I have long awaited your face to show
But now, I leave, in the dark, no love, no

The author's comments:
This was for a poetry book we had to do in English. People that it was good.

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