The Scarecrows

March 16, 2010
By Zoerosss GOLD, Ivanka Pri Dunaji, Other
Zoerosss GOLD, Ivanka Pri Dunaji, Other
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Iwatched the good man preach his lie,
-in silent awe I stood.
I a helpless passerby,
There's nothing that I could...

A cry came from the children of his speech;
From those who sat and listened...
Because the truth, he oh so preached,
It hipnotized and glissened

On they went his words to heart
and on, the enemy they met
and so, they showed the senseless art,
that no soul could forget...

And now there is a spot to hinder,
on this little soul of mine .
And so the crows as gray as cinder
on my guilt they dine.

time stopped my heart froze,
I stand still and wait..
Upon my head a flock of crows,
Screaming out my fate.

The sun is lost, the sky so gray,
I try to make them fly.
They snicker at my hands of hay,
they drink the tears I cry.

A field of broken scarecrows
As can see the sun
our sorrow fills the rows and rows ...
Weeping all as one.

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