Another Neglected Lover

March 9, 2010
By Lori`Acee GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
Lori`Acee GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Life is only what u make it

Be Proud of me, Because I tried my best,
Don't get mad at me because I'm not the BEST.

Be proud of me, for what I Can do and what I Did,
Don't sit there and tell me what I Cant do and what I Didn't.

You hug me sometimes out of your busy day,
you say you love sometimes, and then your on your way,
Well, I have a suggestion how about you stay,
hold me for a while show me you love me like you say.

Include me sometimes in the plans that you have,
stop walkin out the door yelling "i'll be back in an hour and a half".

I need you sometimes, do you not even care?
And the sad part about it is I even miss you when your here.

It's clear we're falling apart,
You keep neglecting my heart,
Love me, Please, like you used to,
turn my sky from gloomy grey, to a baby blue.

But in the End, i guess it's just another case of A Neglected Lover.

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