My Fake Plastic Stranger

March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

hello stranger
you deserve to die
Because you have killed my soul
Your weapon being the lies
stranger, stranger
I thought you were our friend
but I found out you're fake
by waiting till the end
lovely stranger
You seemed so kind
But in reality you're cruel
You just fooled our minds
Stranger Danger
You used us all
But once you sucked the life out of us
We began to fall
Heartless Stranger
You should have left us alone
We were better off without you
You make our souls moan
We long for you stranger
No, we don't miss you
We miss the fake person
Who's existance is past due
Destructive Stranger
You destroyed our Family
Now we are full of hate
And that always goes dandily
Goodbye Stranger
You left us all heartbroaken
I truely hate you
You ripped my heart wide open

The author's comments:
This is about someone who used to be my friend, but lied and destroyed me and all my other friends. It was horrible.

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