Is It Love?

March 9, 2010
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Is it Love, When it Hurts to say Goodbye?

Is It Love, When you Cry i Cry?

Is It Love, When they turn yur Cloudy Days to Bright Blue?

Is It Love, When It Feels Like Somehow Your Souls intertwine, Uniting The Two.?

Is It Love, When You Will Give Your Life For Them, And Them For You?

Is It Love, When You are Proud to Claim Them as Your Own?

Is It Love, When Cant Ever Picture Yourself Moving On?

Is It Love, When you Cannot Describe the Passion of The Emotions Running Into Your Veins, Pumping into Your Heart, And Shines Forth So Bright it Can Illuminate the Dark?

Is It Love, When you Pray That Nothing Will Ever Tear You Two Apart?

Is any of These Feelings and Emotions Love???
No My Friend it's All Of This And All Of The Above.

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