Untouched by the day

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Shall I wake up the beauty who slumbers?
Or let her sleep on untouched by the day?
Eyes yet to see the hurt in such numbers,
No knowledge of hate withheld where she lays.

Absent are creases across her soft brow
Still with no wrinkles from news of the day
By night I‘ll see lines, which still rests for now.
Splendid and youthful so grand in this way.

Dying to kill, and fighting with sunlight,
Day waits on her like death stalks it’s prey.

Suddenly she stirs, losing her sleep fight
Eyes fluttered open, aware of the day.

She turns and she sees me, squinting she grins
My heart rested with her, now life begins

The author's comments:
Prom night this past year I spent the night at my boyfriend’s house because our parents didn’t want us on the roads. I slept in his brothers room and in the morning he came to wake me up, however, he just stared at me. I woke up and found him staring at me and started laughing. This is why he said he was staring at me. Except I put it into prettier words.

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