March 4, 2010
By BrigitteMartinez SILVER, Simi Valley, California
BrigitteMartinez SILVER, Simi Valley, California
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Creatures are soaring the immense skies
Their large, white, breathtaking wings from heaven
Their arched feathers pulse through paradise
One single harmonic voice sings amen
Their facial features are beyond perfect
I had never seen such a creation
They are miracles that serve and protect
Once they have reached Earth, they bring salvation
The love they show is for humanity
When we fall, they cradle us in their arms
In harsh times, they create tranquility
When all is calm, they give light and no harm
Who are these beings that luminate candles?
They are God messengers... They are Angels

The author's comments:
It took me a lot of time and thought to create this poem. When I was writing this, I didn't have a single clue or hint of what my heart wanted to write about. When I have reached what I desired to write my poem on, I thought of angels. I wanted to give poeple more detials of what an angels is and represents. I decided to write about what they are here for, that they are harmless and amazings creations that secretly roam the Earth. I honestly think that once in everyones' life. they may not know it, but they run into an angel. Probably at that exact moment it could change their lives for the best and treansform to a better human being. I hope that when people read this that they get a better point of view what angels are really are and see why they are here.

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