I Said "I love you" but I Swear I Lied

January 22, 2010
By shannonmarie BRONZE, St Francis, Wisconsin
shannonmarie BRONZE, St Francis, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
sometimes love is about getting even, but sometimes it's about how you are the sun and nothing can shine quite as bright as you.

I first saw you on a gloomy fall night
When i saw you I could have fallen down
I guess you could say it was cupids bite
Never again do I think i will frown.

You make me feel like my head us spinning 'round
I like to believe we are meant to be,
And everything you do makes my heart pound
When all else fails you are all I can se.
Now all i had is dead and gone away,
Said you'd always be there now you're nowhere.
I hope once again I will be able to see the day,
When you realize that I was always there.

I tried so hard to always impress you,
I thought you were the one for me too.

The author's comments:
I used to think i had it all, then I quickly realized someone I thought I loved only liked to watch me fall. What once meant the world to me now is nothing more than a faded memory and I'm finally glad he's gone.

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