Our last Good-bye

January 21, 2010
By , Sparks, NV
We ran into each other for the first time since we said ‘Goodbye’
It was awkward and weird, and seeing you brought back the butterflies
to my tummy.
Just like the first time we met, that one night, once a upon a
time ago.
I know you must have felt it too; by the way you were staring
at me, just like that one night.
Thinking I didn’t about all those rumors going on about you
Thinking I didn’t hear what other people were saying about you
Thinking I didn’t know your past, it wasn’t exactly a secret
Oh…but I knew Austin I knew, I’m not as stupid as you think I am
The only stupid thing I’ve done was fall for all your lies.
And now, I’m learning what the real you is, not the fake one that
I thought I knew.
Everything that came out of your mouth was a lie and everything you
did was a lie, but I didn’t know that back then.
I know you cheated on your recent girlfriend, I bet you probably
cheated on me too, right?
But I’m not supposed to know that right? I was just suppose to believe
everything that you said, like a dumb little girl right?
Realizing how fake you actually are and finding out who the real you
actually is, I want nothing to do with you now.
You use to bring butterflies to my tummy, now when I see you
standing in front of me, all the butterflies had flow away and aren’t coming back.
Now I walk away from you, and I’m not looking back; consider
that our last good-bye.
Good-bye Austin, for good this time.

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