January 16, 2010
By Zoerosss GOLD, Ivanka Pri Dunaji, Other
Zoerosss GOLD, Ivanka Pri Dunaji, Other
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As useless as I’m hence time
There was a moment I stood tall
My name a diamond to a rhyme
There was a time I had you all

You watched my meek and melting form,
You lit my being- not for torture
My death to come had made me warm
Upon my corpse you let no vulture

But true to word and true to sorrow,
My body burned, burned on your fear
So I’d never see the light of morrow
I died for you, for you my dear

Perhaps you were selfish, or just in awe
To relieve my burning being,
My life, for that’s what you saw,
In those moments gently fleeing

To truth I was a form of wax
But imagination made me Sun
To truth I had to pay my tax
When imagination asked for none

You light a candle for another,
As a tribute to my flame
But here’s a question aimed to stutter
Why’d you never ask a candle’s name…

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