January 1, 2010
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Take flight, young hawk!
Snow-capped treetops beckon goodbye
Remember you belong to His flock
The One who gave you wings to fly

Through all Creation He gives
(Our eyes to be open)

Breathe easy, young one!
Though these storms have raged
Remember that the sun will come
The One who released the caged

Through all Creation He saves
(Our willingness to be open)

Away from “civilized” man’s lights and sound
The confusion of human’s “normality”
Nature tells something is greater to be found
Darkness’s own hidden light, not formality

Through all Creation He provides
(Our comprehension to be open)

We groan of waiting thousand years
Yet patience is key in this wilderness
We moan of suffering painful tears
Persevere, for the Greater plan is blessed

Through all Creation He answers
(Our listening ear to be open)

Doubtful, we ask, what if these stories
Emerged as optimism in a needy nation
We forget, that His sufficient glories
Grow in us, who also live as His Creation

Thou shrouded clouds allow no light
You see no beauty in this place
Alas, friends! There, the horizon’s sight!
Daybreak brings the sun, envisioned face to face

We fail to see beyond the present
Yet faith knows all things are not conviction
We fail to see beyond resentment
Love says, together, we can forgive affliction

Through all Creation He loves
(Our hearts to be open)

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Hope4All said...
Mar. 4, 2010 at 4:38 pm
I really am going to enjoy when you post more works. These are great!!
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