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My Heavy Pockets

January 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I carry my own weight
Cause you can only look straight
I silence the words I shouldn’t say
Close my eyes tightly
And pocket up my blue day

I excited you like a child
Was like your new favorite game
Now I’m tossed in the toy chest
Covered in dust,
Lookin’ so lame

Tell me where I fell flat
She came around again, is it that?
I am so set to make this right
But when you give me nothing, baby
Zero’s our only depth
And Zero can only be our height

Funny how easy it’d be to just walk away
But you’re irresistible, each and every day
So take my pearls, take my locket
Because you’re adding too much weight
Into my heavy pockets

The author's comments:
This short poem refers to a very complicated relationship that I am currently in with an older guy. I am merely an ordinary teenage girl who is coping with normal adolescent issues; however he himself deals with a whole different league of problems as a young man. The piece is titled “my heavy pockets” because I often have to “pocket up my problems” when I am with him to avoid adding any more stress on his end. I believe these couple of lines illustrates the feelings of frustration, imbalance, and emotional need of a young girl in her first serious relationship.

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