December 30, 2009
By Anonymous

The denouement that exists, here, today,
Provides for no catharsis in my mind.
Had I but found that bold something to Say
I feel I’d not regret what’s now behind.
With your familiar form so close to mine
I’d whisper You could hold it for me if
I’d be allowed to hold just You, but Time
Gives not the chance to climb back up the cliff.
Although, once more, I could not reach the top,
You’re still in sight, my glance You still desire
And I may still make up for such a drop
If You give me what Time will not, the one chance I require.

Though I did not whisper what I meant Say,
I beg You: Let me try again someday.

The author's comments:
Defective Key Word
You: second and third quatrains, second line of couplet, capitalized to characterize and emphasize whom I am addressing as a very relevant person to me, capitalization almost makes “You” a name, distinguishes abilities of this individual from those of Time in context of last lines of third quatrain and couplet
Key Word
not: meant to emphasize the infinite difference between what could have and what did not happen or what can and what will not happen

Deliberate digression from iambic pentameter in line 12, meant to stress unique idea that a person may provide something that time alone won’t.

I like the idea of anything else about the poem being left to the imagination of the reader

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