What Lays And Awaits

December 18, 2009
By XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
XxXKyleEliteWARX GOLD, Brooklyn, CT 06234, Connecticut
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“We all have a train to catch, but whether or not you will make it aboard is entirely upon you.”

Waiting for my destiny, she calls me by the darkened bay.
Sat upon the climax rooftop house.
The market alleyway full of sound as I sit quiet as a mouse.
I wait here for my unsuspecting prey that I seek so desperately.
He has violated the law and will be condemned for his betray.
He murdered the King’s daughter, who was his adoring spouse.
She had not screamed just smothered to sleep and doused,
With flame to hide the remains. For this he will die, I ready my blade
And jumped from the building shouting, “Die, you Crusader!”
I fell from the roof, sword in hand, as I soar through the air.
The target twitched in agony and bit by bit bled to death.
I clean the blood of sin from my weapon and had it fastened well.
I left him remorse and said a few words to the Lord of prayer.
Next was payment, I flee from the scene and took a deep breath.
Guards screamed at my escape, “Halt, you Assassin!”

The author's comments:
I know this isn’t a proper sonnet, but my teacher insists I send it. My originally intent was to make something new, so there you are…

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