The Fire of our Brethren

December 14, 2009
By Maximus SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
Maximus SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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I may be guilty of being an idealist, and a bad poet though that is far more painful, but I have never had the courage to believe in nothing.

Our blood together we have shed
Our tears and sweat have we shared
Upon your hearts has my soul fed
Your courage hath my heart bared

Look not to the death of our blaze
Nor into its tomb
Instead upon sweet memory gaze
And take the hands of those who will lead you away from the gloom

In year past did we kindle a fire
Now in this age have we carried it
So now is it up to you to take from this pyre
And carry it farther, to make sagas brightly lit

Go forth I say
Go forth and conquer
To the ends of the earth go forth
To the very end of the fray

For your fire does not end here
Nor does it live on the field
Or in the fight of the line
But within your hearts and love so dear.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece the night that my high school football team lost in the playoffs. We had one the state championship last year, and it was the first time that had been done in the history of our school's football program. This year we made school history by winning more than 10 games consecutively. But our football program isn't about the points on the scoreboard. It's about building men for others.It's about the unbreakable bonds we form.It's about being uncommon, and being real men, men who follow Jesus, and men who aren't afraid to show love and to be loved. This poem addresses that, and it is a commission to those leaving the program as well as those who will continue the legacy of building men for others through football.

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