last poem for u:(

November 7, 2009
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the moments that we shared
has been the moments that i'll never forget
the broken promises that you made
is now making this heart of mine regret

how could you do this to me
when i gave my all to you
how could you treat me like this
when all i did was to love you

how could you make me believe
that your love for me was really true
how could you make me feel
that all you did for me was really true

is it all just a lie
all the cheering, the caring, the love,
all the hugs, the kisses and all other stuff
is it just a pretend all the time

did you really mean all the things that you said
or is it just an imagination the you made
did you really love me like the way that i loved you
or is it just an imagination all along

i gave my everything to you
but all of that was not enough
i made you feel so important
but all you did was to treat me crap

now i know that it's really an end
and nothing's gonna make my heart mend
my love for you was now fading
but i know it will never stop from aching

i'll try my best to forget you
and i'll try my best to move on too
even though i don't want to
i'm pretty sure i'm gonna miss you

even though i'm gonna miss you
you will never make me believe again
you will never hurt me again
coz i'm not falling for you again

i hate it to be like this
but you really hurt me deeply
you made me fall for you
and you made me believe you

one thing's for sure to me right now
and that is i'll never cry for you again
i'd gave my heart and soul to you
now my heart's torn to two...

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dreamer_believer said...
Nov. 27, 2009 at 5:26 pm
wow. this is an amazing poem. i can feel all the emotion, and it actually made me quite sad. i feel for you :( keep your head up, and keep writing-this is a great piece! bravo...5 stars :) check out some of my work if you could, id love your opinion.
ladhie:D replied...
Dec. 15, 2009 at 3:35 pm
thank u:D
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