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Three Tunnels

May 15, 2019
By SKennedyno.19 GOLD, Hereford, Other
SKennedyno.19 GOLD, Hereford, Other
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A room with three tunnels,

One good tunnel to the city,

One to a land of pity,

And the worst tunnel of all left,

Towards the hall of the death.

Which is which I don’t know,

I must pick which I think is best,

And hope I don’t end up an unwanted guest,

And to hope that I end up in a good place,

Somewhere as warm as in front of my fireplace

I went through the first tunnel,

It was dark like the night sky,

Walking down, thinking it could be my last goodbye,

I walked on further to find out my fate,

But in my head, I only heard screams of hate.

I continued walking, it felt neverending,

But I then thought I’d seen the light,

Soon the end of the tunnel would come in sight,

The tunnel was a journey through life,

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